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Aboard the, Liberalis.

This ship is of the earth and belongs to the Earth.

All are welcome. There is only one rule you must be aware of. In order to gain the fullest experience here, you must first know yourself. You will find everything on this ship takes care of itself. Not without work, but through appropriate habits. These habits were easy to create, because, once you know yourself, you can know what you want.

You want freedom?

Good. You don't have to go, above the grid, off the grid or under the grid.

You want to get to know yourself? Stop using money. See how far you can get. See what you can do. How many problems can you solve, without money?

Words are magic and if you don't know who you are, these words are going to constantly put you in a trance. Shit, if you have made it this far, you are pissed off at how dumb I am, haha. Fair enough.


Do I have your attention again, or did you just skip down to this part? Haha

I know...smart people said stuff and they wrote a book, so, I just have to say their name and you know who I am and what I am talking about, right? I can just turn my brain off. Just press a grandma just button, right? Is that the button that gives me the pruple juice or flushes the toilet? I don't even have to remember, right? There is an app for that.

There is no, solution, outside of you, Kids.

You are gonna have to dig in and start growing up.

We fix this from the inside.

Now you are really pissed at me. That's cool. It doesn't change anything. Anger won't ever change anything until you figure out how to use it. Which will be a whole lot easier when you start to know yourself.


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