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Appropriate Technology..

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If you don't know how it works, it's not appropriate for you!

Yup, I am guilty, too.

Enough with this, grandma just button.

Wide adoption of anything, that people don't understand, will only lead to a centralization of power to the people who do. FREAKIN DUH!!

YOU. Yes, you, ARE the , grandma just button.

We don't change this from the outside first.

I was wrong. You were wrong. I've made mistakes. You've made mistakes.


You have a bias? Cool, I got one, too!

Let's be buds!!

So we need, appropriate technology. This is solved by having a small group of people make something, then hide all the work that goes into it, so people can use it as easy as just pushing a button. These masses, clueless to how it works, how can they appreciate such things? Can they fix them, when they brake?

How can we build, pockets of freedom, if all these people need a , grandma just button, for freedom?

Lucky for you, I have all the answers!!!

For those, weekend warriors, we have, The Freedom Pack!

400 hours of stuff.

869 pages of stuff.


A kick ass T-shirt!

But we both know that you are better than those , weekend warrior, wanna be freedom fighters.

Just for you, we have created the ultimate in truth. The Super Sized Freedom Pack!!

1200 hours of stuff.

1690 pages of stuff.

The kick ass T-shirt, AND!!!!

A 30 SECOND VIDEO, where I tell you all you need to know about the stuff you bought but will never do anything with!

Brought to you by, The Free Market!

Selling Freedom, one shackle at a time!!


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