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I want....I want.....

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I am the ultimate, grandma just button.

When I, just, learn things, I can, just, do things, easier.

You know what I want?

I just want to have, pirate communication.

Well, privacy, takes work.

When I want to talk to someone, in private, we have to go to a private place, a place where we are both paying attention to maintain our privacy.

There isn't anything I can't do, if I put my mind to it. MY MIND, not my money.

We can't be affraid of the transmutation of base resources. Our habits will kick in and, eventually, it will be like breathing.

I want to do work. Work gets easier.

Raising spirits, through technology, to do work for us, could be ok, if we knew what the work was, maybe, but it seems we always bake a demon into the cake when we use a, grandma just button.

We have to be responsible. End of story.

Ugh. Who brought this guy? We just want to buy stuff!


Oh well.

You know what is awesome? Learning to cook, from scratch. I am learning. A new world of possibilities has opened up to me.


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