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Energy / Re: Is Solar Right For You??
« on: February 19, 2018, 07:02:38 PM »
Yea Doug, thats it in a nutshell but its only a start.

I lived "off grid" for about 5 years. I found that I needed to learn how to not waste the energy I was harvesting via solar and wind systems.During the day I had energy available for things like pumping water, running computers, electric tools and washing machines. At night electricity was premium, we ran led acid batteries. We had to work to move all our appliances to DC and not waste electricity converting it to AC and eliminate wasteful electrical things.

Here is some of the appliances we used, they were 12 volt and we did not waste power converting to AC.


You are right "Buy the amount of solar you can afford and live off of that amount of energy" but I will add start to get efficient and you will have more power.

Features / Pirate Computer Systems
« on: January 19, 2018, 08:33:55 PM »
[RE: Marque Posted Subsystems

Computer Systems pertain to the following ares and need to be looked at.


Pirate Communications

Situational Awareness

Defense Systems

Electronic countermeasures

Public Shaming

Pirate Comfort


Cargo ]

The way I see it, all of the above are managed by the computer systems.

Modern Computer systems have many failures. Closed architecture, single points of failure, high heat/energy loss. Add more if you wish.  In 2018 we have seen the distrust of the modern processor begin to implode.  I have heard many questions concerning (Meltdown/Specter) a flaw? That is in many CPU’s (Central Processing Units) across numerous manufacturers. People ask me if their CPU is affected, my answer is probably. How do we get around this and still have great performance? I think Clusters.


More than one computer connected together and working together.

Modern Computers with multiple “Cores”

In many ways modern computers work like a bunch of different CPU’s being controlled by software.  The difference is the controlling software lives in the silicone within the CPU and is unchangeable, mutable perhaps at the software level. I am not a software guy or hardware for that matter, but here is how I see it.

Look at Clusters (Raspberry py for now)

The Multi core CPU’s with can share the same meltdown/specter flaw, if its a flaw or intentional. My only solution is to go to a cluster of non-effected computers with CPU’s that are vetted (Opend Source).

Here is an Example.

https://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/09/iridis-pi-supercomputer.jpg" alt="" class="bbc_img" />




Promenade / Pirate Culture
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:45:49 PM »
Today in 2018 our culture has been dictated mainly by corporate media sources. Alternet talk radio and internet sites educate but corporate movies the people around us consciousnesses. What can we do to change that? Perhaps we don't need to do anything, many someones are already doing something.


Space Trucker Bruce (Budget of $10,000)


Watch the full movie on youtube



Sean Laasch

...The cardboard sets, the performances, the special effects: they transcend cheesy. I started the movie begrudgingly, ready to turn it off almost immediately. Watching it changed things. At first, I suspect Stockholm Syndrome, but it was something else entirely. I developed a genuine fondness for the characters and even for the quirkiness of the script, supporting characters, props, and sets. Where I first muttered, “I could make that”, I eventually came to appreciate the love that went into the production….


Steve OBrien

I watch science fictions movies allot, most of the times while I am doing other things. I found Space Trucker Bruce on a random search. In the beginning of the movie I thought it was just cheese. I found the more I watched the more I grew to appreciate the production. The characters grow on you and in the end I found myself looking for a part two. Its a must see in my book.


#I have not had a chance to listen to the shows yet, please forgive me if I am off topic.

The shows have a lot of information and none at all, it depends on who hears it and their Tech level.

#I have an old EEE pc that I have debian running on.

#I have an asus chromebook, that I bought to install libreboot and debian, but does that really matter #with a trusted program module?

Chrome Books are a product of google to get in to the PC marketplace, it was their second commercial Operating system, their first being Android witch is hailed as the most closed open source operating system ever. They are the kings of you cant see that and how it works.

The important part of this is that you were able to get debian installed and see what it is like. I do not have much trust in any hardware and less in anything called "Trusted Program Module". Debian is religious about opened software, software you can see and inspect, modify and reuse. The software code in debian has changed the world and will continue in the coming years.

#I like the EEE pc because I can take it apart. Not that I really know what I am doing, but that is #what the internet is for, right? haha

Yep, thats what it is for to learn and experiment.

#I keep thinking that I don't know a lot about computers,

You know more than most, but you knew that.

#Privacy seems like a silly notion, when it comes to technology.

Yes it is a silly notion, but it can be possible in theory.

#I can always pull my friend off to the side and whisper in their ear, but then I have to hope that #information stays with them.

I see two things here.

1 Trust in relationships, yep thats hard. Who can you trust and who you cant. How do you decide is a deep subject.

2 When you pull your friend off to the side and whisper in their ear, you could be observed transferring information. That would raise a flag if someone wanted to know what was said in a whisper.

#Damn, even in real life, private communication is hard.

Yup, for sure.

#I have a Galaxy S3 (i9300) that I put Replicant on, but what good is that if I still have to use a #cell service?

It was only good for the experience and your learning. You could use the "Replicant" operating system on your phone to connect to wifi and use it as a computer but the hardware you have no knowledge of might use the wifi to communicate what you are doing to a party that wants to know.

This is why the push to opened hardware is out there. Hardware that is committed to you and software that is too.

#I don't have a lot of technical knowledge, but if there is an installation guide, I can do it.

#The internet has helped me rip apart many of my electronics and play around, plus I have learned a few #things along the way.

You are on a great path as far as I am concerned. I learned everything I know by building on what is out there, after a while you get the just. Teachers are great, the right ones that is but hands on doing is the best.

#Instead of, private communication, how about, simple easy communication that we can build ourselves?

Big question in one sentence. Facebook is the communications system of this planet in 2018, it can do everything you want at a cost. All the other players want a piece of their actions and make it hard to get truly UN-conditionaly free communications. I could type for days on this subject, but I hate typing, sorry.

#I am hung up on the idea that, private communication, is impossible. I mean, it is really really hard

#to do in real life!! Once you say it....it's out there. We don't even have to say anything and we are #broadcasting information.

Well, we are not in control. Its happening all around us, freedom finds a way.


Keeping Communications private requires full disclosure, if possible. I cant interpret a chip schematic or read code for that mater, but someone can.

Some areas of software I like are.



We are now entering the hardware phase, pay attention and add on if you have information.

Small devices will rule the privacy world, me thinks.


Promenade / Re: Quantum Computing
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:30:58 PM »
Interesting thoughts about Quantum Computing

Eric Anderson


Declare Your Independence / Pirate Communications (Republic Broadcasting)
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:52:44 PM »
In the next few weeks we will build on Ernests show with Eric Anderson on Wed Dec 27 2017.

Archive here:  https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/231828-2017-12-27-12-27-2017-eric-anderson-eijah-pirate-communications-video-mp3s.htm

This ground breaking show will have reverberations, Just watch and see, support Pirate Communications as you can.

The Texas Pirates

Sunday December 30th 8:00am CST - 10:00am CST

Primer on Pirate Communications

Network: Republicbroadcasting.org

Show url: http://republicbroadcasting.org/the-republic-of-texas-radio-w-steve-obrien/

Sunday January 7th 8:30am CST - 10:00am CST

Guest: Eric Anderson ( https://www.demonsaw.com/ )

Network: Republicbroadcasting.org

Show url: http://republicbroadcasting.org/the-republic-of-texas-radio-w-steve-obrien/

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