A Pirates Prayer of Thanks

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A Pirates Prayer of Thanks

Postby Eduardo Blomar 1679 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:03 pm

I come to you with humble thanks for all that you’ve delivered,
For Englishmen to walk the planks and for timbers left unshivered.

I thank you for a glassy sea and the steady blowing breeze,
For giving all these things to me without making me say please.

And I thank you for the horizon where sea and sky do meet,
For every new sun that I watch risin’ is a day of fate I’ll cheat.

It is my hope dear loving Lord that I can bring you pleasure,
By throwing someone overboard and stealing all their treasure.

And when I navigate at night you send the northern star,
I feel then that I’m alright and it’s to you that I’ll say ARRR.

There’s a lesson that some people teach about the carrying that you do,
But I knew that the footprints on the beach must have belonged to you.

‘Cause I got a peg and there’s no doubt it would’ve got stuck into the sand.
I couldn’t have pulled myself back out because I got this hook for one hand.

I’d like to see you but by some quirk my good eye got covered by my patch,
I know that I’m just salvage work and it’s you who’ll batten down my hatch.

So Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum and raise the Jolly Roger to the sky,
And praise Him from whom blessings come the one who reigns on high.

For I am grateful for the gifts that you have granted me,
A pirate ship that is so swift and the blue green open sea.

Tony Lane 2011


To you, my friends, on this day,

Eduardo Blomar 1679

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