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Re: Subsystems

Postby cameron » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:07 pm

Here's the cutaway for version 3 of the Precariat.
p40.jpg (148.32 KiB) Viewed 9401 times
Decreased the size of the cargo hold from 2.3 million cu.ft. to 1.2 million cu.ft. Also made it detachable. The smaller volume can still hold 7,000 tons of marshmallows (more than the ship can lift).

The cargo decrease was added to the lift envelope gaining 1.3 million cu.ft. This increases the lift capacity 46.7 tons to a total of 1,056 tons (2,111,916 lbs).

Fattened the "chin" to increase living space to 377,953 sq.ft. Drastically increased Engineering floorspace. Added separate freight and human elevators to access the 15 floors. This has nothing to do with cargo loading. It is for loading people & components into the living levels. The freight elevator is large enough for a 40' shipping container if you wanted to store cargo on the living levels (or living cargo). Will have to add the counter weights to the total ship weight. There are pics on the Intro thread

Level 5 now connects to the cargo hold during flight (via an airlock) for interfacing with the different cargo designs.

Here's a comparison of the old cutaway.
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Re: Subsystems

Postby bardonic » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:37 am


Pleasure to meet you.

Interesting idea guys. I heard James Corbett mention this site and took a look.

I was thinking of sci-if sensory systems recently.

Can anyone tell me if a gravitational wave sensor is a silly idea or not?

I was thinking that if Astro physicists can detect events at great distances. Then if one can detect gravitational waves from the local system and the compute and image that in 3 dimensions, that it could be a viable idea.

Ultra sensitive?
Ernest Hancock
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Re: Subsystems

Postby Ernest Hancock » Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:19 pm

New materials allow for laminated Glass/Graphene plating that can be
produced into large panels. This allows for camouflage, color changes,
transparency (Wonder Woman's "invisible" plane (change color scheme

This also helps AI Designed Stucture ... anguage=en

The top link is to a Tesla explanation of how the Glass Roof of a Model
3 is stronger than any other roof.

Seriously,... the Transparent parts of the ship may be the strongest part.

Just wanted to get these facts into the mix as we get to the Structure.
The Graphene Air bags could be attached to the infrastructure so that
instead of pressurized Hydrogen/Helium... all of the gas is pumped out
so that there is a vacuum... = NO Gas.

So instead of bulging out it would be drawn in from attachment points
(this was first suggested by Colin Cantrell with the shell of the ship
being the sealed containment for evacuating all of the gas molecules.
What is also interesting is that this 'Pulling in' would compress the
structure by the pulling of the vacuum (in Atmosphere)

Something to think about as we move forward.


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