Bogg (Cosmic seeds)

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Bogg (Cosmic seeds)

Postby Davi » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:11 pm ... sp=sharing

Primordial Bogg
The Bogg are an ancient race of sentient plants. They don’t originate from any one planet, but evolved in the initial matter and energy soup of the Big Bang itself. Galactic tumbleweeds scattered throughout the cosmos before the stars and planets formed around them. Primordial Bogg are possibly the oldest beings in the cosmos, and are preoccupied with observing and compiling all knowledge in the universe. Spaceborne lifeforms are known by the collective term "cosmozoans".

Cosmic Seeds
Bogg don’t procreate exactly, because they aren’t really individuals, but nodes in a psychically linked cosmic consciousness. The Primordials spread their consciousness by searching for worlds to colonize, and on those worlds constructing huge latus structures similar to the cholla cactus which launched warp-capable seed pods into deep space, letting them find their own worlds to germinate on (DS9: Chimera). These pods are ostrich-egg-sized, and spin through space like giant sugar maple propeller seeds. As a result, few Bogg have ever seen another of their own kind. But they all possess a powerful telepathy, which allows them to communicate at interstellar distances.

The Radix Mundi
Bogg consciousness is nebulous. They are in a sense, all one consciousness they call the Radix Mundi, but they don’t all remember all of it all of the time. Individual Bogg are aligned with clans or races descended from each of the Primordial Bogg.

Bogg can also send out their individual consciousness into any plant life they’re telepathically connected to, as in within the magnetic field of a planet. This bond is so strong even if their individual body is completely destroyed their consciousness can channel into other plant life. There might be memory loss. They might be less connected to the Radix Mundi for a while. But they’ll survive, and given time and nutrients they’ll grow, and fully recover, even if no biologically original tissue remains.

Bogg have memories much longer than any humanoid lives, but far shorter than their own lifespan. They celebrate when they’ve forgotten their germination as a kind of passage into maturity, and from then on they simply live as if they always were. From their perspective they have simply always been, and always will be.

Bogg biology is essentially like all plant life, although they usually resemble a flowering fruit. They absorb light and matter to grow into shapes designed to facilitate that process. Their blood is a green chlorophyllic sap, and their muscles are cellulose fibers (SW: Zelosian). But they can also grow at at will, replicating any plant structure they’ve ever made a telepathic connection to, and with a little creativity they can engineer complex structures and bio-technology.

Because they have an undefined anatomy, Bogg can take many different forms, and emulate humanoid lifeforms easily, although not so well in texture. They can easily alter their size and number of limbs. In the vacuum of space they can form living starships by physically banding together in modular structures. Huge leaves may double as solar sails, for example, and with time and precision they can produce the propeller spinning motion that allows them to travel in warp velocities.

This ability also affords them a wide variety of defensive abilities and mental powers. They may be host to microscopic spores, or poisonous darts. They can communicate by pheromones that they use to influence other races. Many grow flowers that change with their emotions. And although they don’t have conventional animal sensory organs, they have something resembling eyes called “optic stalks” and can sense a tremendous amount about their environment from vibration, temperature and psychic turbulence (SW: Ergesh).

Bogg are fascinated by animal mortality. They don’t have the phenomenon of death like animal life does, so they never get a sense of completion. For them all Bogg life is an outgrowth of other Bogg life, which they feel viscerally connected to, so the individual dying isn’t experienced like death. Canvasses never get put in frames because their artists never stop painting. Manuscripts never get sent to publishers because their writers never stop writing. They have no concept of religion or mythology, because they have neither an after life, nor a creation to worry about. They have no dating or courting rituals because their species does not biologically reproduce. It merely is. They have no families, no funerals, no annual holidays or celebrations. If they ever find each other they share an overwhelming sense of harmony. In fact, two distinct Bogg can conjoin into a single Bogg, and separate again. The study of even the simplest elements of their culture would take 100s of human life times to understand. They keep their origins a closely guarded secret.

If Bogg bother interacting with animal life they mostly just observe, trying to understand how death affects animal cultures. An entire animal lifetime seems like a blip to creatures as ancient as them, so in an effort to observe the moment of death they sometimes poison animals with a toxin that stretches the moment of death so they can more easily observe it. What they don't realize is that in studying our mortality they are killing their subjects.

The subject is offered a genetically altered fruit, which probably just seems like a bush they’ve never noticed before. The berries put the subject in a state they mistakenly call 'Elongated Mortality' or 'Elmo Berries' for short. It's a little lavender berry they give to all their death testing subjects. The infected person was given perfect physical health (even regrowing missing organs) and peace of mind, but only for the duration of the trip.

The Bogg are… ubiquitous. They don’t have a homeworld, but sprouts usually regard their first planet as their own personal homeworld. Virtually any planet with any plant life probably has at least one Bogg. They are ancient, and long lived, but can also remain dormant for the entire lifespan of another species from evolution to extinction. They aren’t territorial, just non confrontational. In fact, some remain dormant for so long they forget they are even mobile, mistaking themselves for the local plantlife, and operating like a latent consciousness in a planet’s florasphere, not distinguishable from the rest of the forest. (DIS: Pahvan)

The names of Bogg in their native language are insufferably long affairs, and virtually unpronounceable by most humanoids. Fortunately, they tolerate nicknames when they associate with other races. But these nicknames are often a bit surreal by human standards. An amalgam of terms alien to them to convey concepts alien to us.

Grapefruit McPunk: Shaped like a giant turtle, with bark skin and clover scales. Abnormally large hind feet and a leafy cape. Capable of retracting branch-like limbs and growing back all manner of useful configurations. Capable of carrying passengers in its moist citrus center and traveling through ocean or space. A personality like a most overprotective valet driver.

Bush Clinic: A walking free clinic, producing all kinds of medicinal botanicals. Potentially a carrying case for dried and refined goods. Oils. Salves. Edibles. Etc. Like a doctor's bag, or Hunter Thomson's briefcase.

Cognito Blueberry: A Camouflage agent, specialized in shape-shifting, but always a little blue colored. Capable of roughly imitating animal life, and moving among them. Mimicking specific people is a challenge, but passing in a crowd is no trouble. They’ll always appear plant like upon closer examination.

Elmo Wolf: Bogg Agent armed with a variety of toxic barbs and fruits designed to intoxicate and medicate animal life for observation. Skin like birch bark. I named him Elmo Wolf to justify a psychedelic scene where the letters of him name rearranging to “Follow Me.”

Sheldrake Root: A fungal dimensional traveller. A personality like Robin Williams playing an extraterrestrial with DID. Seems to be in multiple places at once. Produces a fungus that lets the user interdimensional travel if eaten, if they can concentrate.

Plant Races in Other Sci-Fi

Star Trek
TOS: Pod Plant (
repository for thousands of microscopic spores,
discharged from its flower.
The infected person was given perfect physical health (even regrowing missing organs) and peace of mind.

TAS: Phylosians (
naturally long lifespan.
greatly advanced medical science
enforcing peace in the galaxy

DIS: Pahvan (
not distinguishable from the rest of the forest.
clouds of glowing blue particles
described as a "symbiosis between nature and the living spirit".
controlled a massive crystal transmitter that sent music into space

DS9: Changlings (
liquid shapeshifting lifeforms native to the Gamma Quadrant
races knew them as the semi-mythical Founders.
Most Changelings existed as an amalgamated mass known as the Great Link.
survive in the vacuum of space, and were highly resistant to disruptor fire.
Ability to sense the presence of other Changelings.
there exists a "hive mind" among the species when joined with the Great Link.
Changelings were capable of sex with solids, but could not have children.

Star Wars ... nt_species

Agarian (
speaking, sentient mushrooms who could alter their size and number of limbs.
Lacked a visual system, they could smell and hear, feel the movements of the air.
They only required a modicum of sunlight to survive.
Traveled through space as giant seedlings, searching for worlds to colonize.
Stank to the Human nostril.

Ergesh (
Evolved from plant based organisms on their swampy homeworld.
Droopy slimy appendages of various lengths and sizes.
Did not have faces. A number of the smaller tentacles were actually “opticstalks.”
Could not get intoxicated, drugged, or poisoned by most substances.
Ergesh personal names were long affairs, Fortunately, they tolerate nicknames.
Their society has no class, no discrimination, no wants, no crime.
Amazing bio-technology which included living starships called Starjumpers

Black Orchid (
Force-sensitive plant that speak telepathically with Force-sensitive people.
A serum/virus for the purpose of eternal life.

Neti (
Shapeshifting sentient plants with tough gray skin similar to plant bark.
Multiple thin branching arms, and thick body trunks.
Average life span of several thousand years.
Seeds remained dormant for more than a thousand years before germinating.

Sylphe (
Green skin. Flowers grew on their heads that changed with their emotions.
They communicated with pheromones that were used to influence other species.
Powerful telepathy, which allowed them to communicate at interstellar distance.

Zelosian (
Keep their origins a closely guarded secret and were commonly misidentified.
Their blood was a green chlorophyllic sap.
Muscles were cellulose fibers
Alcohol had no intoxicating effect.

Doctor Who

Vervoids (
Artificially created humanoid slave plant
Pined for freedom and decided to destroy their oppressors. (Like plant Kaylon)
Short tendrils at the ends of their "arms" that shoot poisonous darts.

Krynoid (
Large, carnivorous alien plants that could be thought of as galactic weeds.
Snow and ice slow them down and render their pods inert.
Had an undefined anatomy.
Require animal proteins while young, but can survive on photosynthesis later.
Able to channel their power into other plants, at least within a mile radius.
Krynoids couldn't live in environments with high carbon levels.
Affected by high-pitched noises, allowing the host mind to reassert itself.

Watchers (
The oldest species in the universe.
Observing and compiling knowledge on all aspects of the universe without interference.
Innate ability to achieve virtually any effect desired, including augmenting personal attributes, time and space manipulation, molecular manipulation, energy projection and a range of mental powers.
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Re: Bogg (Cosmic seeds)

Postby cameron » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:26 am

The first thing to pop into my head for Cognito Blueberry were the creatures from X-Files - Detour. Not plant people, but camouflaged/invisible people who looked organic.

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