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Ye Olde Parlance

Postby Davi » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:13 pm

#Ahoy: The pirate's 'Aloha'. ‘Hello.’ ‘Goodbye.’ ‘I love you.’
#Avast: Stop and pay attention!
#Aye, #Arr: Yes (#AyeAye or #Yarr for 'Hell yeah!').
#Barker, #Hawker: A vendor who calls customers to their wares.
#BeachComber: A landlubber who makes their living selling to pirates, or a pirate who makes their living selling to landlubbers.
#Belay: Halt! To ignore a command as in 'Belay that order!'
#Boatswain, #Engineer: The officer who maintains and repairs the ship.
#Booty, #Loot: Treasure, usually liberated from the Crown.
#Brigandage: The life of plunder, pillage and robbery.
#Bucko, #Matey, #Heartie: Escalating terms of affection among pirates.
#Carouser, #GrogBlossom: Someone known for drunken imprudence.
#ChildOfTheBlackBanner: A young pirate born and raised among pirates.
Coffer: A treasure chest
#Crimp #Shanghai: To press gang someone into serving the Crown against their will, or the one who crimps.
#Cutlass: A short, heavy sword with a single-edged curved blade that pirates favored in close quarter battle.
#Cutpurse: A thief who steals from pockets or purses in public places.
#FeralLife: To live alone on land outside the Crown’s domain without going to sea.
#FirstMate, #Quartermaster: The deck officer who assumed command if the captain is incapacitated. Usually in charge of rations and crew relations.
#Galley: An onboard kitchen, usually staffed by a contracted chef.
#Gibbet: A metal cage where scallywags are displayed as a warning.
#Gunner: The officer who operates the cannons.
#Nay: No. Nay means Nay. Nacho booty!
#Hazzah: Prost! Wassail! L'khaim! A barbaric yawp of merriment.
#Helm: A tiller or wheel and any associated equipment for steering a vessel.
#Keelhaul: Dragging some vile scallywag across the bottom of the ship with a rope to be lacerated by the hull's barnacles or drowned.
#KingsShilling: A dollar, also known as a Federal Reserve Note. To "take the King's Shilling" is to accept payment to serve the Crown's hostilities.
#Kraken, #Leviathan: Sea monsters.
#Landlubber: A lazy scoundrel too proud of their flag to live a pirate's life.
Maroon: To abandon a scoundrel on a deserted island with no supplies, which was a common punishment for a mutineer (or a captain, if the mutiny succeeds).
#MonkeyJacket: A short jacket which conceals a pistol.
#Mudhook: Bureaucratic drag. The long delays and surprise fees which characterize all dealings with the Crown.
#Munificence: The Crown’s lavish generosity upon its allies. Municipal beneficence.
#Mutiny: A bottom-up resistance against corrupt authority, as in a pirate belaying a captain that violates the pirate code.
#ParleyVest: Formal garb to wear during negotiation, especially between enemies over the terms of a truce.
#Parrot: Literally any pet on board.
#PiecesOfEight: One eighth of a Bitcoin.
#Pillage, #Plunder, #Taxation: Theft.
#Pirate, #Buccaneer, #Corsair, #Freebooter, #Hacker, #Swashbuckler: Paths of piracy. Commerce, Adventure, Transportation, Energy, Encryption, and Activism respectively. Not an exhaustive or definitive list.
#PirateCove: A hideaway or lagoon where a pirate can make a sweet trade away from the eye of the Crown.
#PirateUtopia: A pirate cove where the grog is strong, the markets are free and the associations are voluntary.
#Privateer: A mercenary of the Crown granted a charter of incorporation. A public/private partnership between Crown and contractor. Not a pirate!
#Privy, #Head, #Latrine: Bathroom.
#PrivyMonster a beast that lives in the privy and eats children.
#PrudentChild: A savvy young pirate born on land but thought wise enough to be granted a right of passage.
#Royal Alliance: The symbiotic relationship between the Crown and its chartered Privateers.
#Sailmaster, #Navigator: The deck officer in charge of keeping the maps, and plotting a course.
#Scallywag: A collector of taxes, or any bilge rat who pays them.
#Scuttlebutt: Rumor, gossip, derision, whispers, ‘water cooler talk’
#SeaDog, #OldSalt #OG: An experienced pirate.
#SeaShanty: Work songs that are sung aboard a ship.
#SharkBait, #Apprentice: Some young salt learning the sweet trade from some old salt.
#Skullduggery, #Hornswaggle: Unscrupulous behavior, trickery, underhandedness, chicanery, fraud, monkey business.
#Invisible Hand: Traps in the Crown’s bureaucracy designed to catch dissidents.
#Savvy: Possessing shrewdness, practical knowledge, and the ability to make good judgments.
#Slop: Perishables sold to fellow pirates. Used as question to ask, “Do you understand?”
#Spontaneous Order: A social order that emerges from the voluntary interactions of individuals.
#Surgeon: A doctor aboard a pirate ship.
#Swabbie: A deckhand who mops the deck like a janitor.
#Sweet Trade: Reciprocal respect of an individual's claim to life, liberty and property, enabeling participation in the trade of piracy.
#SwingTheLead: Get to the point. The opposite of 'bury the lead.'
#Swag: Merchandise sold to beachcombers and landlubbers.
#Undertow: The demand for goods prohibited by the crown.
#Waggoner: A sea atlas or a book of charts and sailing instructions.
#WaywardLife: The life of a pirate who floats wherever the wind blows.
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