SPAM Deletion

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Ernest Hancock
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SPAM Deletion

Postby Ernest Hancock » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:50 pm

By the end of September we will be rolling out new features for all of our platforms and begin regular usage of The PWOB Forum. I've cleaned up the SPAM from the Forum and will begin regular monitoring. But I am looking for an easier method than individual deletions since I'm sure that we'll get SPAM Bombed the moment we gain traction.

We're working on the back end of EVERYTHING and these things take time with the goal of DeCentralization. If this Forum Platform won't allow us to do what we want we will select another method.

Davi will be here for three weeks in September and a lot of additions to PWOB will be uploaded and we'll begin another wave of promotion. The Forum will be a big part of this but we need to be able to defend against Spam and other distractions.

Attacks on such sites are inevitable but there are solutions that we are examining now.

We haven't forgot about you guys but we needed to see the attack vectors like we did with FreedomsPhoenix so that we could protect ourselves.

Pirate Communications - Pirate Specific tech videos - Forum upgrades & other features and benefits have to be insulated from attack. The material that we are hoping to share securely is exactly the sort of information that will be targeted and we are getting ready as fast as we can.

Help would be welcome but we are so security conscience that unless we know you and you history in the liberty movement I doubt we'll be adding administrative power to those that are willing... but you can contact me at if you are interested in helping.

Stay Tuned.

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Re: SPAM Deletion

Postby Doug » Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:24 am

I am helping the best way I can and you don't even have to worry about giving me administrative powers . See, I have my own, administrative powers, and I use them to help create what I need. Remembering to be thankful.

So... Thanks, Ernie.

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