is this it?

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is this it?

Postby Doug » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:29 pm

Do we believe that money is our technology and it has been corrupted by Government and once we free it from them, we will have our money back? Back where a free market will balance all.

Is , the free market, god?

Once Government is defeated, the free market, swoops in and saves the day?

Do people ever have to be responsible?

Is that individual responsibility assumed in the free market?

Ernest Hancock
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Re: is this it?

Postby Ernest Hancock » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:25 pm

A Free Market allows and encourages incentives that create responsible parties that are more successful.

What we have too much of now is value by FIAT and Shiney Badgers determining what is allowed/valuable.

A Free Market doesn't guarantee Individual Liberty & Self Responsibility, a Free Market allows for it and evolves into a culture much more peaceful and productive IMNSHO

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Re: is this it?

Postby Doug » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:46 pm

A Free Market allows and encourages incentives that create responsible parties that are more successful.”

How does it, encourage incentives?

What are the incentives?

I know one incentive I like, about not using money.
The more I can learn, the better my pattern recognition skills get. The better, hmmm… Let's call them, habits of freedom.

The more habits we create, that align with freedom, the eaiser things will get.

I know, things, is not a good word.

Work always gets easier. Our bodies get stronger. Our stamina increases. Our reflexes get quicker. Etc…

With this understanding, why do we always want to buy stuff?

I know...I know...we all want computers and iPhones and someone has to mine the resources and someone has to build it.

Money or not, that seems to always be the case.

Let's start learning to cook, from scratch.

I don't care to create definitions and try to fill it with life, through violence.
I care to learn how to create and fill that creation with my own spirit.
Even then, do I want to fight to the death, to retain ownership? Not really. You can have it. There is too much stuff that we don't know how to make, here in heaven.

Will this free market require a subscription?

Why the hell do we complain about the zombie masses, then monetarily enslave ourselves from solutions?

We are not zombies!
We are builders. Let's build!
I don't know how to solder, but if I knew I could stick some shit on something, program up something and I could have a system to share information, I would build my own, if I knew I could connect to other people.

I want to learn, but the only thing I find are people wanting to sell me shit.( Don't worry. I am not waiting for anyone. I am teaching myself. I am just saying.)

What ever happened to apprenticeships?

I DONT HAVE MONEY. most of us don't. So why do we keep charging money for help?

How many people drop off tons of stuff to Goodwill? We drop off shit that we would just give away, so they can sell it and give a portion of that money away. Two cans and some string. How much of what we are throwing away could we, repurpose for freedom... whatever, fill in the blank.

This, FREE MARKET…( George Carlin...where are you? I know your love of bullshit euphemisms…)

Free your mind and your ass will follow. Haha

I learned how to make gravy. That shit was easy and I can't believe I bought it for so long. Bout to make some sourdough biscuits and top it with some sausage GRAVY!!! hahaha

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