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Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:27 pm
by Eduardo Blomar 1679
As passengers trickle onboard a festive mood fills the air with laughter and musicians tuning up and practicing. Crew duties are very light with only luggage to stow as everything has been painstakingly prepared for this moment. Since I am still connected to the outside world, I take a brief moment to thank the Lord God Almighty for this opportunity to further our goals.

Clear skies and a light breeze portend a successful journey.

I am filled with hope,

EB 1679

Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:38 pm
by Eduardo Blomar 1679
I, Eduardo Blomar, have returned.

Actually, I have returned many times since my August departure - but have been too busy to post here.

I gained many contacts, had both good and bad fortune during the Festival venture, and raised my coffers nicely.

I am still recovering from an injury to my right hand but other than that I am in good health and good spirits.

Being plugged in to the "Arts & Music Festival" communication line, I have taken further advantage of the 'vending' scene at four other events since the original - which I ended up staying at for a solid month. Not only did we supply food & sundries to Festival Participants, we transported a few people with equal success.

Which gave me an idea.

After culling relationships with a few Band Members, I was able to get three different acts booked for a New Year's Eve Celebration here at The Port! I have started clearing land and obtaining lumber to build a stage with a "Green Room" behind it. We have plenty of room here and I already know where I want everything placed.

As you can see, my tales of happenings for the last two months will have to wait for another time as I have more to do than hands to accomplish it.

Anyone wanting an invitation please send me a Private Message as after 12,000 views here and I'm the only poster I don't see that changing right away...

I remain, as ever yours,

EB 1679