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by beunconstrained
Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:06 pm
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Topic: Bitcoin is broken
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Re: Bitcoin is broken

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2011, and it has served me well. My rationale behind buying it had nothing to do with future value speculation. It was more to do with how I can pay subcontractors that worked for me in countries that didn't have a reciprocal banking agreement with the USA. Trying to may...
by beunconstrained
Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:57 pm
Forum: Promenade
Topic: New user here
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New user here

Hi there, just a quick introduction. My name is Myles Wakeham and I am the host of the Unconstrained Podcast and the guy behind Even though I live in Scottsdale, you'd think I would have known about Earnest & his great work, but nope - I found this community and websi...