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Pirate Computer Systems


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[RE: Marque Posted Subsystems

Computer Systems pertain to the following ares and need to be looked at.


Pirate Communications

Situational Awareness

Defense Systems

Electronic countermeasures

Public Shaming

Pirate Comfort


Cargo ]

The way I see it, all of the above are managed by the computer systems.

Modern Computer systems have many failures. Closed architecture, single points of failure, high heat/energy loss. Add more if you wish.  In 2018 we have seen the distrust of the modern processor begin to implode.  I have heard many questions concerning (Meltdown/Specter) a flaw? That is in many CPU’s (Central Processing Units) across numerous manufacturers. People ask me if their CPU is affected, my answer is probably. How do we get around this and still have great performance? I think Clusters.


More than one computer connected together and working together.

Modern Computers with multiple “Cores”

In many ways modern computers work like a bunch of different CPU’s being controlled by software.  The difference is the controlling software lives in the silicone within the CPU and is unchangeable, mutable perhaps at the software level. I am not a software guy or hardware for that matter, but here is how I see it.

Look at Clusters (Raspberry py for now)

The Multi core CPU’s with can share the same meltdown/specter flaw, if its a flaw or intentional. My only solution is to go to a cluster of non-effected computers with CPU’s that are vetted (Opend Source).

Here is an Example.

https://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/09/iridis-pi-supercomputer.jpg" alt="" class="bbc_img" />



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Im currently using Windows, but heard Linux is pretty good. My brother is adament that he wants to install Linux, but Im not sure I would want that on the computer. I was wondering is it actually possiable to have two operating systems on one computer?
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