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Be ye Land-Lubber or PIRATE?

Eduardo Blomar 1679

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I see a lot of senseless Scuttlebutt on these boards. What be all this nonsense of 'in-tee-lectuool propity' and why such a hang-up on 'money'?

All a Pirate needs is fresh water, provisions, and a stiff breeze - and even that last isn't always necessary. Once we take 'to the air' it will be as on glorious shipboard once again, where there is no 'money' to speak of.

Everything is money.

Once aloft, what one brings on board combined with what one can create within the confines of their bunkspace area becomes their wealth and can be used to 'pursue happiness' whatever that may be for them. That is what we're shooting for here, isn't it?

Who is working on THE SHIP?

Sincerely Seeking Adventure,

Eduardo Blomar 1679
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