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Bridge / Level 10


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Level 10 contains elements of the "Bridge". This is an 8,800 sq.ft. level that will contain ship controls, the Captain's cabin, a ready room, avionics, and other rooms related to flying the ship.

Rough use of the levels has been outlined in the Subsystems thread.

Below is an overview of the floor plan. Click the image to download a 1' grid version for sketching up your basic floor plan.


This level is 15' high including space for flooring, life support (HVAC), plumbing, or any cabling needed to run the ship. There is an elevator shaft through all 15 levels to carry humans and freight (if necessary).

Of course the levels aren't "set in stone". They are a starting point. If you feel a level height should be modified, do your design, and make your case for the change. Everything is open to suggestion if you can make a compelling case.

Post your work or suggestions for Level 10 in this thread.


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