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Good Day Everyone, and every future person.

I'm Justyn, but you can all me Baron, or xDrfirefy or really anything I may answer too.  Why I'm I posting on the forum? I see a future where folks don't live inside the system, but live beyond the system. What I mean by system is anything that keep you from achieving awesomeness.  Where to begin. I begin in Permaculture. ---- OOooOO How can some hippy farm movement get me outside my system?  Ok, First, it's not a hippy farm movement, It's a true rebellion from the society we reside in. (Yes, hippy chicks and dude seem to flock to all edges of counter-cultures, I'm not one of them,)

When you learn to create your own food, live in balance with your surrounding, you can also learn to hide in plan sight, create wealth from dirt, all while not being able to be taxed or tracked because you're outside the general concert of food production. Your yard looks like a hot mess instead of a "farm". This means you have a port of entry in feeding yourself, and selling your surplus. Next, this idea is scalable. You want to travel? Ok, permaculture can teach you have to plant your own travel garden to return to each season, year, or decade and harvest food.

Anyway, I got a little carried way on my permaculture save the world vision. I should finish my recap. More about me. Late part of the Gen-X, FEMA District III, University Dropout, Technophile, and a variety of other hats. My currently life goal is to create my Non Profit Education Lab, where I teach folks how to live intentionally, through food creations, and thoughtful planning.  The Mavis Institute (Mavis Farmacy & Mavis Manor) I'm here on the forum to help. To offer my mind, and more as a safe haven during the building phase of the ship.  

This site seem like a great place to bring my knowledge to the masses. Share, and Learn from others. I have zero desire to live in this society, but I would enjoy reclaiming aspect and building a stronger, friendly, free society for the future us's.

Till Next time.

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Ernest Hancock

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I'm sure noticed the category for Food & Water as well as the category for Heathcare (often the same thing).

The categories have many entries that first appeared on FreedomsPhoenix as interesting and informative data that may be useful to Pirates (Free-Thinkers and self reliant individuals that wish to have a positive impact on Culture etc)

Adding to this knowledge base (Submitting an original article or providing a link to good information) will make it's way to the site and there for everyone to take advantage of.

We are just now fine tuning the Forum and the site. Suggestions now are the most effective while we are still in the construction mode.


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