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Grandma Just Button

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A, grandma just button, does a great job at making things easy for people, but at what cost? Money seems to be a grandma just button. I need food...just throw money at it..I need security...throw money at it...I need to communicate....throw money at it.

If I am constantly solving all these different problems with money, what am I actually learning?? NOTHING!!

Are we not the ultimate grandma just button? If we only pay attention and spend some time and learn to solve our own problems, we get smarter and don't need a grandma just button anymore.

I don't want a grandma just button. While the ease of use is tempting, it silently leads to me dumbing myself down. I don't have time for that, in the long run. I need to do the hard work now, so it is easier later, not the other way around.


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