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What am I missing?

Is there a web page I am missing where all this stuff is at?

Why isn't the, Liberty Community, flooded with stuff like this?

We make our own laptops.

Do we not want to do that? We just want to press a, grandma just button, and always have everything work perfectly, without knowing what is going on?

Nobody wants to donate money to learn about freedom. They want to donate money to, dick and fart joke podcasts, and sign up to be, mk ultra children( check out the link in the patreon post).

I have a little bit of money, I am trying not to have to use money. I get that there is a world where people think it is real and I need to use it in the present moment.

Instead of trying to get people to donate to everything under the sun, why don't we start using what we have to create what we want?

Do we really need to pay $1 a month to 15 podcasts, to find out that the government is bad and we need to grow up, or can we use the pieces of this broken system and transmute them into what we want?

what do we want? Oy...thats a fun one. haha



Freedom is the effect. Are you the cause?
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