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Today in 2018 our culture has been dictated mainly by corporate media sources. Alternet talk radio and internet sites educate but corporate movies the people around us consciousnesses. What can we do to change that? Perhaps we don't need to do anything, many someones are already doing something.


Space Trucker Bruce (Budget of $10,000)


Watch the full movie on youtube



Sean Laasch

...The cardboard sets, the performances, the special effects: they transcend cheesy. I started the movie begrudgingly, ready to turn it off almost immediately. Watching it changed things. At first, I suspect Stockholm Syndrome, but it was something else entirely. I developed a genuine fondness for the characters and even for the quirkiness of the script, supporting characters, props, and sets. Where I first muttered, “I could make that”, I eventually came to appreciate the love that went into the production….


Steve OBrien

I watch science fictions movies allot, most of the times while I am doing other things. I found Space Trucker Bruce on a random search. In the beginning of the movie I thought it was just cheese. I found the more I watched the more I grew to appreciate the production. The characters grow on you and in the end I found myself looking for a part two. Its a must see in my book.
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