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Food & Water / Field Nutrition & Supplements
« on: June 30, 2020, 08:52:55 AM »
Iodides are important.

So important it is added into most table salts.  I do not salt my foods and do not get anywhere near enough fresh greens until our crops begin to come in.  I purchased some and use it daily - along with other items to 'supplement' my diet in order to fill in the blanks (of which there are many) in an attempt to not only live healthy and longer, but to boost my immune system during a Global Pandemic threat.  I say threat because other than LameStreamMedia and Goobermint shit-stirring, I have NO solid proof of the existence of any malady whatsoever.  I know no individual personally who has ever exhibited any symptoms of any viruses or that know anyone that has - much less than anyone actually being hospitalized or - God forbid - dying.

Hell, I haven't run into anyone that has had a cold, sniffles, sneezing, or ANYTHING.  Granted, I am isolated way out here - but I still have contact and go out and obtain necessities and travel and get gas.  I don't know about you, but I haven't even heard another human sneeze this year!

That said, I would like to share some of what I have learned in a serious attempt to support my human body best as I can in a situation where my diet is far from ideal.

Vitamin C

#1 necessity and probably the greatest benefit.  Readily available in citrus.  Remember #1 thing about Vitamin C: You can't get enough.  Unless it is administered via IV you could ingest any form of it all day long but still not have high enough levels to be considered "medicine" against a malady.  It is important mostly as a benefit COMBINED with the other nutrients as an overall boost to the immune system, but the complexity is in the variety of items utilized at the same time, or in timed combination due to contrainteractions.

Vitamin D3/Sunlight

Most Pirates get plenty of sunlight so additional D3 in the diet isn't necessary, unless a higher level is desired due to environmental dangers.  It combined with C is the best start to increased immunity.


What Zinc does is prevent any invader virus from being able to reproduce in the human cell.  High levels are critical for antiviral action.  The main important factor involved in attempting to add zinc into the mix is that Vitamin C can inhibit the absorption of Zinc into the system.  For this reason, I start my C intake when I get up in the morning and take it periodically up until about 3 pm, and I take my zinc (I use lozenges) after dinner (needs to be taken with food).


Legendary herb known to boost the immune system.


I can't sing the health benefits of honey enough.  Try adding a tablespoon a day into your routine and you'll be amazed after a while at the subtle differences in life you will notice.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Best snacks on the planet.  There was a reason it was always said "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!"  Bananas (BIG source of potassium) will stop leg cramps.

Pure, Clean WATER without fluoride

Unless you are saying "but I drink water all day long" you don't drink enough.  Work on that and you'll feel better right away.

In addition to the above I also personally take Selenium, K2, CoQ10, Dandelion Root, Turmeric/Circumin, fish oil (lowers blood pressure), Glucosamine with MSM (Joint Health), and periodic Acidophilus to aid in digestion.

I hope this helps you at least think about living healthier.  No one will take as good care of you AS YOU CAN!

Eduardo Blomar 1679

Escape Velocity / Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
« on: June 16, 2020, 07:14:24 AM »
Eduardo here,

I couldn't get Ernie's show on my phone for some unknown reason so I fired up the laptop and VOILA!

While here, I feel I am at a point in the Port's development where I can dedicate a time each morning to post here and provide some kind of real, stable contact at this 'Forum'.  I have been Living The Dream for a half a year now and each day is an adventure.  My only visitors have been friends who helped me move up here and my Brother spent a couple of days (twice) but hasn't made it back because he's moving into a new apartment soon.

Wind was heavy yesterday and is expected to continue again today with gusts up to 50 mph.  Smoke from the Rye fire occluded the Sun big time and gave me a headache.  I hope it isn't as heavy today as I have to complete the plywood sheathing on my storage building before the Monsoon rains start.  I have an area started that will act as a water catchment and I will be staking 12' x 15' tarps around it to see how much I can get in one Season.

Every time I come here I see guests logged in. I heartily invite you to create an account and post what you think.

I'm going to go now and make breakfast and then listen to Dr. Phranq.

Tired of the Rat Race?

I have a hammock with your name on it - right over there in the shade.

EB 1679

Escape Velocity / Happy New Year!
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:49:23 AM »
Greetings Fellow (and Lady) Pirates,

I am free from the shackles of Maricopa, and have set sail North successfully. The bells of the new year ring in prospects of prosperity as I embark upon a New Mission - to open a Port available to all wayward Pirates in case of a storm. Earlier ventures have secured space sufficient for my needs, and I head toward there with a fully-laden hold.

Once my foothold has increased to the point where I may be of service to those of you gathered in this Hallowed Forum, I will post a map for you to find what I am calling "The Port of New Barcelona" should you find yourself near, and desire a respite with like-minded Scallywags.

I am known for brewing the best coffee around.

Hammock, anyone?


Eduardo Blomar 1679

Design / Super-strong aluminum as strong as steel
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:15:29 AM »
Researchers have demonstrated how to create a super-strong aluminum alloy that rivals the strength of stainless steel, an advance with potential industrial applications.

“Most lightweight aluminum alloys are soft and have inherently low mechanical strength, which hinders more widespread industrial application,” said Xinghang Zhang, a professor in Purdue University’s School of Materials Engineering. “However, high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloys with strength comparable to stainless steels would revolutionize the automobile and aerospace industries.”

New research shows how to alter the microstructure of aluminum to impart greater strength and ductility. Findings were detailed in two new research papers. The work was led by a team of researchers that included Purdue postdoctoral research associate Sichuang Xue and doctoral student Qiang Li.

The new high-strength aluminum is made possible by introducing “stacking faults,” or distortions in the crystal structure. While these are easy to produce in metals such as copper and silver, they are difficult to introduce in aluminum because of its high “stacking fault energy.”

A metal’s crystal lattice is made up of a repeating sequence of atomic layers. If one layer is missing, there is said to be a stacking fault. Meanwhile, so-called “twin boundaries” consisting of two layers of stacking faults can form. One type of stacking fault, called a 9R phase, is particularly promising, Zhang said.

Video and more text at link. Source: http://Freedomsphoenix.com - EB


Build the Ship / Crew
« on: December 01, 2017, 07:37:30 AM »
I, Eduardo Blomar of the Planet Earth, desire to sign on to this Glorious Grand Adventure as Crewman for The Precariat.

Many a calm night on deck have I gazed upward to the stars and thought to myself "I have seen every Continent of my Homeworld and have beheld many wonders, but my destiny lies out there!"

I trust Pirates.

Let us venture there together.  I am a man of many talents and can fill many different positions.

I am serious, and I am motivated.

I would like to meet Captain Marque if at all possible, and Cameron as well. I feel a good working relationship developing on these boards so far and want to pursue as much hands-on experience with the ship in all phases of design and development possible.

I am also willing to provide land to build the ship on.

Point me to your gangplank,

Eduardo Blomar 1679

Promenade / A Pirates Prayer of Thanks
« on: November 23, 2017, 08:03:54 AM »
I come to you with humble thanks for all that you’ve delivered,

For Englishmen to walk the planks and for timbers left unshivered.

I thank you for a glassy sea and the steady blowing breeze,

For giving all these things to me without making me say please.

And I thank you for the horizon where sea and sky do meet,

For every new sun that I watch risin’ is a day of fate I’ll cheat.

It is my hope dear loving Lord that I can bring you pleasure,

By throwing someone overboard and stealing all their treasure.

And when I navigate at night you send the northern star,

I feel then that I’m alright and it’s to you that I’ll say ARRR.

There’s a lesson that some people teach about the carrying that you do,

But I knew that the footprints on the beach must have belonged to you.

‘Cause I got a peg and there’s no doubt it would’ve got stuck into the sand.

I couldn’t have pulled myself back out because I got this hook for one hand.

I’d like to see you but by some quirk my good eye got covered by my patch,

I know that I’m just salvage work and it’s you who’ll batten down my hatch.

So Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum and raise the Jolly Roger to the sky,

And praise Him from whom blessings come the one who reigns on high.

For I am grateful for the gifts that you have granted me,

A pirate ship that is so swift and the blue green open sea.

Tony Lane 2011


To you, my friends, on this day,

Eduardo Blomar 1679

Escape Velocity / Be ye Land-Lubber or PIRATE?
« on: November 23, 2017, 07:45:42 AM »
I see a lot of senseless Scuttlebutt on these boards. What be all this nonsense of 'in-tee-lectuool propity' and why such a hang-up on 'money'?

All a Pirate needs is fresh water, provisions, and a stiff breeze - and even that last isn't always necessary. Once we take 'to the air' it will be as on glorious shipboard once again, where there is no 'money' to speak of.

Everything is money.

Once aloft, what one brings on board combined with what one can create within the confines of their bunkspace area becomes their wealth and can be used to 'pursue happiness' whatever that may be for them. That is what we're shooting for here, isn't it?

Who is working on THE SHIP?

Sincerely Seeking Adventure,

Eduardo Blomar 1679

Promenade / The Pirate Code
« on: October 01, 2017, 10:58:38 AM »
I, Eduardo Blomar, would like to discuss an issue I have that concerns me regarding The Pirate Code:

First, a pirate is the sole authority over their own life, and may not be crimped into service.

Second, duties are created by consent. Claims of obligation without consent are invalid.

Third, no pirate, nor crew, however commissioned, may initiate hostilities against any other.

Fourth, a pirate may, without permission or rank, defend themselves against any hostile party.

Fifth, no captain, nor crew can possess rights exceeding or violating those of an individual pirate.

Everything is not only acceptable, it is most desirable as an agreement between Pirates as to interaction - with one exception.  A Captain that does his or her Due Diligence in Life and acquires their own ship may find it necessary to EMPLOY others, for which their efficacy is determined by The Captain alone.  If found lacking, The Captain may request that a crewman or crewwoman leave his or her ship; but no crew can force a Captain to surrender their property under Number Three above.

Where do ye stand?

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