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Title: Storage / Level 7
Post by: cameron on October 07, 2018, 11:22:34 AM
[img=https://precariat.us.to/GetFile/6FAQb/dl/w640][/img] (http://https)

Level 7 contains 9,237 sq.ft. of floor space.

Rough use of the levels has been outlined in the Subsystems thread (http://https).

Possible uses for this level...

  • Additional Storage

    • "Live" Cargo (requiring life support)


    Below is an overview of the floor plan. Click the image to download a 1' grid version for sketching up your floor plan.

    [img=https://precariat.us.to/GetFile/wZ16i/dl/][/img] (http://https)

    This level is 15' high including space for flooring, life support (HVAC), plumbing, or any cabling needed to run the ship. Download the full ship model (http://https) in Blender (http://https) for a 3D model of the available space.

    Of course the levels aren't "set in stone". They are a starting point. If you feel a level height should be modified, do your design, and make your case for the change. Everything is open to suggestion if you can make a compelling case.

    Post your work or suggestions for the Level 7 in this thread.


    https://precariat.us.to/ (http://https) (Bounty! (http://https))