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Title: Do I have to get a job?
Post by: Doug on October 10, 2017, 05:10:25 PM
I swear, that when I whine, I am willing to be responsible to make what I need.


I already am trying to live in such a way that I am responsible for the things I have. I have a solar set up, water system, compost system, garden system...

A lot of my time is spent trying to create systems so that I don't need a job or money.

Yes I know, the world would explode if we didn't have money.

I am just wondering if there are alternate ways to get resources that don't have to be communist and what not...

Do we ask any of these questions before we, grandma just button, a new crypto-currency, to replace money?


Title: Re: Do I have to get a job?
Post by: BaRbArIaN on October 16, 2017, 06:31:04 PM
I always liked the idea of credits based on the energy you give to the system. Solar, wind, hydro, etc. All need watts on the power grid, and if you have excess you might as well get paid. WattCoin or something. Will have less heat loss "tax" once we get room temp superconductors.
Title: Re: Do I have to get a job?
Post by: Doug on October 17, 2017, 05:33:34 AM
It's the, getting paid, part that throws a wrench into it.

If we can make our own power and produce our own goods. Why do we need to have a job or get paid for anything? We are only turning resources that we have freely taken from the earth into money. Can i just bypass the money part and use the resources myself to create what i need? Maybe i don't have the resources i need. Maybe i think about that before i build a house. There are going to be a lot more, maybe's and , what ifs, but what is freedom without responsibility?


Title: Re: Do I have to get a job?
Post by: bosun sam on October 19, 2017, 05:57:28 PM
No, you don't.  You do have to be productive, but much better to do what you love with your own projects than doing what you're told on a job.  You really can't escape the dominant culture if you have a job.  There's a huge lot to learn and do to make  this an effective way of life, but it's crucial.   Most important thing to learn is how much is enough for you, and then teach yourself to not want more.  We're taught to be consumers.  Jobs make you give up the time of your life in exchange for money, then you feel  you have to spend the money to feel good, and since your time is pretty much gone you feel compelled to spend your money on stuff, but it doesn't make you feel good so you think that's because  you don't have enough stuff yet and so you work more to get more stuff.  Don't do this.  Don't depend on a job.

  You  need community and a local currency system as a means for trading value for value.   It's a way of trading your skills  for the goods and services you need to have enough, but organized within a broader community, you don't have to trade directly with the person who is supplying your needs.  Instead, you get currency units you can spend with someone else in the community who is offering what you want.  This system gets you free from banks.  That's a biggie.  It also keeps the value of everybody's contributions recycling through the community and building local wealth instead of shipping it off as corporate profits.  If you can partner up with enough local folks in this kind of bootstrap economy, everyone in the partnership can be freed from the peonage of jobs.
Title: Re: Do I have to get a job?
Post by: Doug on October 19, 2017, 07:09:14 PM
You had me at, no, bosun!!! Haha.

Cool. So we don't have jobs. Now, before we even worry about money, we need to retrain our habits.

See, we need to break the addiction to money. The addiction to bite off more reality than we can chew and throw money at any problems that arise and don't ya know it, they always do.

Can we start looking at the economy a bit different?

What if we wanted to be responsible and all grow our own food.


You still here??



What would happen to an economy if people were actually responsible?