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Title: What is money?
Post by: Doug on October 10, 2017, 04:49:32 PM
I feel like this is a question that has a million answers. Which is my problem.

Money is more than just communication. Yes, I agree, money can be a form of communication. I don't understand why that seems to be it's most important feature.

Why are we just skipping right to the create new money part?

Can money also be shackles?

Sorry, I don't know a lot, but I have a million questions. I know that is pain.


Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: BaRbArIaN on October 12, 2017, 07:15:05 PM
In general terms, money seems to be just a means of keeping track of stuff. I have 7 sheep, trade me for 3 horses etc.  It's easier to meet in a bar or wherever and trade symbolic stuff than the real stuff usually. It has been precious metals because they are rare. If you used rocks, everyone would be rich and the "price" of items would climb higher than most could carry. Electrons aren't rare, but smart people have figured out ways to  give some of them value. Whether this remains so we shall see, maybe crypto is a 21st century "Tulip Mania". Duckduckgo that if you don't know. Fiat used to be gold and silver backed notes, now they are veritable religious literature, depending on belief to mean anything. Crypto is at least equal to that now if not better. They will try to coopt it into GovCoin or destroy its use in most places.
Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: Doug on October 12, 2017, 11:33:10 PM
In general terms, habits are also a way to keep track of stuff.

Not everyone agrees that precious metals are rare. Which is an interesting idea. Because, like you were saying, electrons aren't rare. Alchemy is an interesting topic.

I don't get this notion; crypto is our technology and we have to quick get a good one before the gov turns it into gov coin.

Money...money...money...money, MONEY!! 2017...We can go down the history of money. The best we can do now is change what money is from paper to 1's and 0's?

This seems like such a forgone conclusion.

Ok...Fiat government currency is dead and crypto-currency is the answer being force fed to us, why?

I get why Fiat is dead, I don't get why crypto has to be the answer.

Why, in our ever wonderful progress, are we still stuck on money?

Can't we conceive a way, using technology already available, to create an environment where people are the producers? We can be responsible for stuff maybe?

How can I horizontally integrate information, if I bypass the chance to gain that knowledge, in my haste to solve a problem with money?
Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: Doug on October 13, 2017, 05:31:44 AM
We are nothing...the know-thing. If we aren't in a state of knowing, we are in BIG trouble. Because, you see, when we use money, we are not in a state of knowing.

I am hungry...go to the grocery store.

I am cold...buy some heat...some clothes...buy buy buy...

Well, if we can't know anything, then we have to BE something, have an identity. Which is really hard, when we don't know anything. So our grasp of identity is only superficial. Which, yup, you guessed it, everyone gets offended at everything! Haha

But, what do I know.... hahaha
Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: BaRbArIaN on October 16, 2017, 06:26:03 PM
Alternative to money is barter. If all you have is chickens and eggs, but everyone near you has plenty good luck buying anything. The town 50 miles away might not have a lot of chickens, but they raise pigs and cut a lot of firewood. Eventually you get sick of pig roasts and need to get tangibles.  Money let's you "pretend" that you have just what someone else is looking for, because they can buy it. Credits on a ledger somewhere is money also. Depending on the tech, everyone knows your business or nobody does until you advertise this fact.
Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: Doug on October 17, 2017, 05:40:23 AM
Why is barter the only alternative to money? I don't understand why it is either money or barter and now crypto-currency and those are it. Pick one. That sounds a bit wonky to me.
Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on October 20, 2017, 12:41:28 PM
Money, my friend, is "Recognized Value at the Time of Transaction".

Nothing more.

Anything can be used to acquire any other thing, be it sheep, metal, or paper with writing on it.


A cypher.

A kiss.

Agreement is the only need.

Caveat Emptor.

Title: Re: What is money?
Post by: Doug on October 20, 2017, 01:05:57 PM
Indeed. Agreement is important. Money, on the other hand, seems to muddy the waters a bit.

Now, a kiss. This could be interesting. Maybe if kisses we're money, people would have to be a bit nicer, haha. Maybe you are onto something.