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Title: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 16, 2020, 07:14:24 AM
Eduardo here,

I couldn't get Ernie's show on my phone for some unknown reason so I fired up the laptop and VOILA!

While here, I feel I am at a point in the Port's development where I can dedicate a time each morning to post here and provide some kind of real, stable contact at this 'Forum'.  I have been Living The Dream for a half a year now and each day is an adventure.  My only visitors have been friends who helped me move up here and my Brother spent a couple of days (twice) but hasn't made it back because he's moving into a new apartment soon.

Wind was heavy yesterday and is expected to continue again today with gusts up to 50 mph.  Smoke from the Rye fire occluded the Sun big time and gave me a headache.  I hope it isn't as heavy today as I have to complete the plywood sheathing on my storage building before the Monsoon rains start.  I have an area started that will act as a water catchment and I will be staking 12' x 15' tarps around it to see how much I can get in one Season.

Every time I come here I see guests logged in. I heartily invite you to create an account and post what you think.

I'm going to go now and make breakfast and then listen to Dr. Phranq.

Tired of the Rat Race?

I have a hammock with your name on it - right over there in the shade.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 17, 2020, 04:30:10 AM

15 scallywags read what I wrote but remained mute.

My first reaction is to scream "PUSSIES!!!" but I'll hold my tongue and just keep on keepin' on.

I Just don't get it.

I try so hard to be a good person banding with other good people but it seems that Openness, Friendliness, Personal Integrity, and Benevolence are LOST ARTS.

There is no civility among thieves, is there?


Once I have the space cleared, I WILL BE BUILDING A PROTOTYPE TO SCALE.  I don't care if it's stone or wood, night will come when I will go to bed down in an upper berth and look out the window high above the Desert...

and smile.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 18, 2020, 02:41:43 AM
Up early this morning as I need to sail into Phoenix to take care of some business and replace a broken solar panel. Any Pirates out there wishing to Parlay tomorrow - let's have breakfast! I will be at The Brass Rail at 36th Street and Thomas Rd in the morning. Send me a Private Message if you want to meet up.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 22, 2020, 05:59:00 AM
Rough seas and lack of connectivity prevented me from posting until my return here at Home Port.

The docks need an upgrade as we received damage upon entrance.  Minor repairs have us seaworthy again at first light.  The Crew was so tired after unloading we knocked off and left it for Monday.

Severe winds smashed another window while we were gone.  I'm doing another plywood run tomorrow so I will have to add that to the list.  I want to get the Storage enclosed 100% before the rains come as "Monsoon Season" officially started last Monday.  None in sight yet but I know it's coming.

I have a lot of scheduled work for this week so I better get to it.

Thanks for all the enthusiastic support! (sarc)

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 27, 2020, 08:01:19 AM
The Crew is aghast at the fear being exhibited in The World from the Black Plague Chinese Communist Coronavirus.  Supplies were limited and many ports were closed altogether.  It was voted that we double up on all provisions we could obtain and we are safely home once again.  Very little wind damage this time as we are told it was fairly mild windwise but that made it hot.  

Got to meet up with fellow Pirate Oyate and break bread with him on the way back.  He says efforts at his Home Port in Ash Fork, Arizona are coming along nicely.  He had the luxury to start with a shipping container and has a door and window put in now.  Must be nice.  He likes it except the metal shields his communication devices from operating inside.  I'm happy with my Wooden Ship.

It looks like conditions here are brutal to plants brought in so far due to the clarity of the air and the altitude.  I'm still working on infrastructure and dealing with closed County offices and hadn't planned on planting any seeds other than shade trees until next spring.  I hope they do better that the drooping plants we have going now.  They are the second set of 'test plants' because almost everything I brought up to begin with is long dead.  Next step is putting 40% shade cloth over them.  I'll let you know.

Found a man in Flagstaff that sold me a 10 oz bar of silver for $220.  Best price I've been able to find.  Wouldn't mind getting ten more...

I like my bunk on board ship but it's nice to be at Home Port.  I sleep better when not tossing with the Sea.

I pray your health is good.  We piled on the citrus for the Vitamin C and have plenty of D3 and zinc.  Keep your immune system boosted and eat well.

Practice with that cutlass!


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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 28, 2020, 12:57:58 PM
Wind is blustery enough it makes it difficult to work with plywood today.  Quitting that project early as I need some more 2x4s anyway to frame the Storage Building Back Door.

I have receipts to search for and other assorted inside duties I can occupy my time with and don't feel like digging rocks out of the road anyways.


These posts are beginning to feel like notes in a bottle - tossed into the riptide...

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 29, 2020, 12:36:20 PM
A short 1 hour run across to a neighboring tree-laden island gained us the lumber needed to finish Storage - plus some slats that look to be perfect for stairs leading to the Observation Post.  Also scored some fresh meat and dinner will be a feast tonight!

Always a plate here for you,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on June 30, 2020, 07:55:15 AM
Finally - a day with little to no wind.

With 30% chance of rain Thursday & Friday and no wind to deter me I think I will refurbish the roof.  I had two leaks last time and want to address them.

I also have the plywood & lumber needed to put a cover between the residence and storage, giving me another sixty or so square feet to work under when it does rain - plus the shade factor.  That side of the residence won't heat up in the afternoon anymore.

What a beautiful day.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 02, 2020, 05:21:25 AM
Arrrr... ow!

I feel good about the amount of work completed in the last two days but my fingers hurt again.  My Father had arthritis and I fear I may follow in his footsteps.

Thank God for aspirin.

That and a Day of Rest that I look forward to more and more each week.  Lord knows the value of The Sabbath and so do I - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I anticipated the temperature drop and have a nice fire going this morning, and chose tea instead of coffee for a change.  Rain chance has dropped to 20% (which means I WILL get some) but that's ok since I have a new roof and I should have Storage sealed by midmorning.  

Paradise is not so much a specific location but more a frame of mind.  God has given me this place and there is no other nowhere I'd rather be.

I'm already there.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 04, 2020, 10:39:47 AM
If you only knew.
Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 06, 2020, 08:06:12 AM
Hard labor must be reinforced with proper rest and recreation.  


We set sail for The Mainland and took Liberty in Phoenix for the Independence Day Celebration.

Met and broke bread with other Pirates and are taking an extra day to laze about before we return to Home Port.  

This trip was also needed to resupply the water cache as we still haven't determined if our well is going to pan out or not.  In excavating the hole we hit a rock shelf that must be cut because of the size of the piece.  That will happen this week.  Even if the well doesn't pan out, we will have one hell of a hole for a Root Cellar, and I will build The Bunkhouse (with a big Community Kitchen) over that site.

My First Mate is a gambler so I have agreed to accompany him to The Casino to try our luck.  I have no gold but I do have some silver so I will see if I can't remedy that situation.  A good win would supply me with more lumber before we return.  Can't get enough building materials at this point.  That's the beauty of visiting a Big City - they discard perfectly good materials in vast quantities.  It's just taking the time and travelling to collect it all up - and it's FREE.  A Pirate can't ask for better.

We need more Crew!

We have enough rock excavated to begin constructing The Lighthouse but everyone has a full work order list so that project is on hold for now.  Nobody has touched the roads for a week and we still have no animal enclosures yet.  I WANT FRESH EGGS.  A chicken coop is DEFINITELY on order for this month if I have to drop everything and build it myself (as usual).  Canned meat is good and tasty, but getting old.

I pray you had a good Holiday and hope for someone reading this to reply someday  :lol: ,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 08, 2020, 04:24:49 AM
Home once again.

Rumors of "Civil War" moved the Crew to pitch in and purchase a Brass Cannon, Balls, and Powder for the Tower overlooking the Harbor before returning.  A Cadre was selected to review security measures for The Port and make changes wherever necessary.

We also got rid of all our paper before returning, and converted it all into silver.  Not only do we not trust any paper issued by any 'Realm', thought of stamping our own coin in silver with The Jolly Roger on it to use as currency tickled every last one of us.  Blacksmith said "No problem - just give me the metal and the image you want on it!"

Coming soon.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 10, 2020, 08:18:54 AM
A light, cool breeze just after sundown was the most pleasant setting for rest last evening.  Satisfaction from another full day of construction fed my appetite and I ate an extra portion of chicken and wild rice soup.  I switched the bedding from winter to summer cloth and was vastly more comfortable, and I slept in until well after sunup.

Problems with the generator was found to simply be an automatic shutoff switch when the oil level gets low.

Facepalm.  :lol:

Today I tackle "stairs".  Straight or spiral?  

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 11, 2020, 09:38:19 AM
No day at The Port is more treasured than The Sabbath.

God knows I couldn't survive this task without a Day of Rest and Reflection each week.

May you be as blessed as I am to know Him.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 14, 2020, 05:06:10 AM
For the last two days we have been inundated by a small, flying bug that resembles what hatches out when you don't protect flour.Tthey come out just before Sundown (in the hundreds) and persist until midmorning of the next day, when they die out.  I hope it doesn't last much longer as it has taken a considerable amount of time to clear the room one is to sleep in and it's costing sleep time.

I finished the roof to extend the kitchen and will be moving walls today.  Never got to even start the stairs, but it looks like where I want it a spiral staircase will work well and look good too.

Three times this week it looked like we might get rain, but each time it went around us and the cistern is almost empty.  Monsoon my ass.  Rain would be so much simpler than making a run to haul water from the nearby island with a freshwater lake.

Preparations to attend the Jackalope Festival are on the mind as it is two weeks away.  Fortune smiles on us as we are less than fifty nautical miles from Baca Meadows and I can't wait to see old friends again.

Another Day In Paradise,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 15, 2020, 05:36:57 AM
Thank God.

There was only a couple dozen bugs to contend with, and sleep wasn't interrupted last night.  Hopefully that nightmare is over until this time next year.  By then domiciles should be properly sealed after the Winter Closing this fall.

I was tightening up the head on a sledgehammer and hit my hand with a hammer.  OW! It didn't seem that bad yesterday and I finished out work ok, but it sure hurt like hell this morning, and actually woke me up early.  I took some aspirin and went back to bed.  When I got up it was still tender, but didn't hurt so bad, and the swelling had gone down.  It's difficult being triple up on Safety when working but it's necessary being out here without a proper Doctor.

Never got the walls moved for the kitchen, but instead got quite a bit done on the Root Cellar.  The Ship Cat Lucky has discovered the cool rock at the bottom of the hole, and has taken to napping down there during the hot part of the day.  Smart!

Wind continues and plans have been drawn up for power generation from it.  We have the alternators and pulleys but Smithy says we need a certain gearbox to transfer the torque into RPMs and will have to obtain one on our next foray.  The roof covering has to be completed before we get hit by rain but the wind makes it almost impossible to handle 4x8 plywood panels up there without taking a sail!   No Doctor, remember?

We are low on water and will be departing for the Mainland tomorrow instead of Friday.  

Anyone following my chronicles here of the Port development please pray for our safe journey, and a safe return.  We are all devout Christians and believe in The Power of Prayer.


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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 16, 2020, 06:08:17 AM
Looking at the view count jump I know there are skallywags reading my posts.

Welcome.  ;)

Activity here started long before Sunup and it looks like you kicked an anthill.  Anticipation of Liberty has the Crew amped up (it always does) and there is singing and laughter amongst the frenzied scurry to accomplish preparations and loading of the Ship.  Communications last eve have confirmed that we will be bringing Royalty back to the Island for a couple of days for an Official Visit  :o .  Along with everything else a General Cleanup has been mandated so that The Port is presentable upon return.  That means it's also Trash Day before we can depart.  Of course that entails all rubbish, refuse, and garbage be gathered up and burned, with the ashes saved for the Garden.

Much to do, and Mainland Lassies are just waiting to give comfort to a hardworking bunch of scoundrels that have been busting ass for a fortnight.

Today has to be better than yesterday.  A foul mood hung in the air and if things could go wrong, they did.  It was topped off by high winds tearing off a portion of the roof covering I had taken so long to put on because the prevailing wind shifted direction and hit the side that wasn't fully attached yet.  I was just going to Evening Mess when it happened, and it took me another hour to batten it down.  Arrr.

I best get hopping myself.  Each day is a Blessing from God and to honor that every minute must be made to count.


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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 17, 2020, 06:25:46 AM
After living a life of scarcity and prudence, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of precious water that is wasted in a Big City of limitless resources.  I feel so guilty about taking a shower with the same amount of water that would keep me alive for a MONTH!  I got down to within 12 ounces of water before having to open one of the "reserve barrels" of water that we maintain at all times just before departing, and that was just too close.  It had started to rain just before we left, so I hope that we get some fill in the cistern by the time we return.

Today is Shopping Day.

The list is long of what is needed for the Port so it will probably take all day.  Top of the list is the gearbox Smithy needs to convert wind power into electricity.  One of the boys have discovered a hill on the island where the wind seems to be funneled through a chasm that blows constantly, and would be an ideal spot for the turbine.

Again the subject of "Wimmen" residing at The Port has surfaced (it always does when the Crew gains Liberty heh heh) but I feel it is still too soon in the development of the Port and, if allowed, would decrease the work done in too great an amount.  The issue has been sidelined for another time.  

Another item on the 'to get' list is materials for an enclosure, AND SOME CHICKENS!  I will go absolutely batshit crazy if I have to go another extended period without FRESH EGGS!

Well, there's the Call to Breakfast so I will go begin my Day in the City.  

Respectfully yours,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 18, 2020, 05:39:25 AM
A stiff breeze and a smooth, eventless journey always signals a successful adventure.

Reunions with loved ones and an almost completed list of necessities acquired before a feast and merriment erased most of the aches from the work done this past fortnight.  I must have twisted wrong before we left as my back seems to be out of place.  I have always been an early-riser and rarely sleep in beyond Sunrise, even when on leave.  I have yet to do my morning calisthenics and I can usually pop it back into place when I stretch.  I'll do that after this posting.

Being a Pirate, I am always sniffing the air for Opportunity.  It fuels the engine that drives Freedom, and I was quite fortunate this trip to hear of an upcoming 10 day  Festival that is rumored to be well attended this year, but there is a problem with Transportation for the Participants due to complications resulting from the Chinese Plague going around.  Being isolated as we are, all are bright and healthy and willing to act as Ferry for these passengers.  We have already made appointments and accepted deposits so this looks like a lucrative endeavor.  The Crew happily agrees.

One of my contacts was unavoidably unavailable and it is critical I speak with him, so the return voyage has been delayed.  I prefer early morning departures so that there is still some usable daylight available for unloading upon arrival at Home Port, but in this instance that can be put off until morning.

I hope and pray that the solar panels picked up this trip will give us enough wattage to finally be able to make ice. That has been voted by all as the most missed item - even over flush toilets and "wimmen"!  I concur.  Chemically-induced cold packets are handy to have but we don't have them in quantity to use them for anything but medical treatment of sprains, etc.  I want a cold drink when working on a hot day!  Warm water turns my stomach.

I was able to visit my almost 80 year old Stepfather.  His eyes are clouding up and he wants the doctors to fix them, but it seems he tested positive for the virus and won't touch him until he tests negative.  He has gone beyond the quarantine period without symptom but has had trouble getting a re-test.  He is scheduled for that Monday, so we'll see.  Regarding this insane 'mask' issue, The Crew can only shake their heads in disbelief because they know:

1.  The virus is 1 micron in size, but even the best 'mask' only filters out particles five microns and bigger

2.  An infectious person wearing a mask with an Exit Valve (like an N-95) still emits the same unfiltered particulates as one without a mask, and

3.  Airborne virus infects THROUGH THE EYES!

We have no fear because we are armed with knowledge and boost our immune systems constantly with proper nutrition, sunlight, and rest.  Hard work makes all three of those requirements mandatory, or the Machine breaks down, and nothing gets done.  Add in the Spiritual aspect and a clean life produces JOY - something this hedonistic, hell-bound 'society' endlessly chases but know nothing about other than the comfort their self-imposed superiority over other humans that they assume gives them.

Thank you GOD for the life you have given me, and all Glory and Honor goes to you.

It IS a Good Day.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 20, 2020, 11:16:04 AM
I apologize for not posting yesterday but the comfort and happiness of our Visitors to The Port are our highest priority.  All of my time was taken from before dawn until too far past dusk, and I woke this morning with a gargantuan headache.  It has subsided with my usual regimen of coffee, aspirin, and I was treated with Cherry and Cream Cheese Danish brought back from the last trip.

Luckily, Guests always tend to 'sleep in' here as conditions are so favorable you just don't want to get up.  That gave me time to survey the status of ongoing projects.

1. Canon is in place, and functional.  We have a Sharpshooter aboard and a hit was registered on the test fire so there was no need to waste further shot or powder.

2. The hole for Root Cellar was determined to have a layer of gypsum about a foot thick, and fresh dirt was seen in a smaller hole broken through.  More excavation will have to be done to widen the hole before any depth can be attained, but I remain hopeful.  Due to the shallow depth of the rock foundation South of that location I expected to hit solid rock before now.

3. Hardly any water was garnered from the rain of our departure morning, and a special trip for water will have to be made.

4. After several contacts with The Outside World, no one has come down sick or even felt slightly ill.  It seems our Immune System Boosting Tact has been successful.

5. An accident occurred that broke the fourth and final working solar panel.  My intuition being at a heightened state from practice relying on it caused me to purchase an additional 100-watt package that would have doubled my output but now supplants my ailing system.  Once I exchange the broken panels (I extended the warranties) then I will split my Bank in two, and put a system on each Bank.

6. The gearbox needed for wind generation was not available, and one had to ordered made.  That hopefully will be picked up in a few days when we return our Guests to the Mainland.

Wind is picking up and rain is happening around us.  It gets so close sometimes you can see it fall.



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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 22, 2020, 07:27:16 AM
Another fine morning in Paradise.

Loneliness is not an issue here at The Port so 'visits' are nice, but disruptive.  There is a heavy work ethic here and the schedule is grueling.

Visitors usually don't "work".

Most sleep for the first third of their visit.  It's that pleasant here.  After that they wander around and marvel at the sights.  Broad vistas where you can see forever in all directions.   Flora and fauna in abundance.  Creatures that are not afraid of humans because they had never had contact with them until my arrival and, being a special human Miracle, I have not only given them no reason to fear us but have culled relationships with some that are absolutely delightful.

Word was received that a family member of our Guest had taken ill, so their visit was unexpectedly cut short.  This was neither a surprise nor a nuisance as the bug situation made evening uncomfortable until we were all inside and the place was cleared, and we had other business that the visit had postponed anyway.

Being that the Summer Mainland has surpassed it's 100th day of temperatures over 100 degrees, we dropped our visitors, picked up a couple of things, and obtained our map of the Event we are to ferry passengers for rather quickly.  Good.  I like knowing where I am going, and wanted to find this place on our way back.  It was also an opportunity to correct our Ship's Logs and Maps from the time we took an alternate route and got lost, never finding what we sought.  Well, it happened again, only this time it wasn't our fault.

We followed the map until we found an error in the routing whatever pilot set when it was drawn up.  That was fine with us as we had regained our bearing from the last foray, and backtracked a short distance to find the bottom of the route we were looking for - which turned out to be a 'secret' shortcut home!  HOORAY!  Now we have a solid map and will be able to get to our last detour point quickly and easily.  That will be tomorrows' adventure.

No one was more glad to be home than Lucky the Ship Cat.  I call him Lucky because he doesn't like to travel, and he's always lucky to hit dry land.  He really likes chewing grass and even though I have a small container of it growing on board the Ship, he still prefers his fields to romp in.  He is King here.

Light rain has happened off and on, and we had a little last night.  Nothing noteworthy though, so the Well Hole is being moved up in priority.  It is overcast and could rain at any time.  I don't want to try and run a rock-cutting machine down in a hole until we have clear skies so today will be for situating a place for the load of plants we brought with us this time.  The greenery of the Island is not as bright as some of our native favorites, and we wanted to augment our new home with the familiar as much as possible to make this a happy place for when we can persuade our females to come and be happy here.


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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 23, 2020, 06:28:03 AM
Hustle and bustle everywhere this morning as we prepare to recon our upcoming engagement.  Solid maps and early communications give much hope for success.

I'll try and make an evening post if we return early enough.  The sky is clear but we may be sailing into approaching storms.  We are looking to fill our hold with nothing but fresh water on this run, and it shouldn't take that long - a little more than an hours' travel each way.  That gives more time for exploration and conversation with the Natives.

May God watch over us as we step into territory foreign to us, and bring us home safely.


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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 24, 2020, 04:12:31 AM
I apologize for not posting last eve as I have been pushing the limit of my endurance lately and upon return in the afternoon I laid down for a nap and slept through dinner.

Arising at 3 a.m. gives me valuable time by myself to ruminate on the affairs of the day and do research.  And post here   :geek:

We were able to follow the new maps and easily found our destination.  Investigation showed an alternate route that will save us an hour in ferrying passengers so was definitely worth scouting out beforehand.  The only drawback was finding that our electronic communication devices are not operable in that area so we will not be connected to the outside world when there.  That will create a problem, but we have over a week to work it out.

We finally got rain (AFTER we filled the cistern) and made temporary holding containers for it.  It is FAR superior for growing plants and crops so we treasure every drop.  Repairs to the roof seem to have been successful as the buckets under the old holes were empty.

Today I will finish the rack for the new solar cells and will be securing it to the roof sufficiently to withstand the 60 mile per hour gusts of wind we get when it's blowing.

If it doesn't rain more, of course.

Still no sickness at The Port and we are beginning to doubt the veracity of claims that there IS a sickness.  We have never met anyone who knows or has evidence of ANYONE being ill, other than "Official Reports" of which we never give any credence to anything coming from a "Governing Body".  We still take our Vitamin C and D3 and Zinc, and we all get more than enough sunshine and eat well, so no problems here so far - Thank God.

The temperature dropped so much I am glad I put an extra blanket on my bunk - it was needed.  After living for decades in a desert at 115 degrees I am SO glad to live here!

I am happy.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 25, 2020, 05:18:31 AM
Rain on The Lords Day is very appropriate as it tends to push people inside and encourages rest.  As hard as I word I need no prompting and I plan on lazing the entire day away with reading, writing, and more sleep.

Two new spots started dripping during the night so the roof project needs just a little finishing once it stops.

The rain seems to have tamped down the bug infestation and we hardly saw any at dusk.  I sure hope that is over for the year and they don't emerge when it warms back up (which it will).

There is no place on Earth I'd rather be than here. That said, I only have one Great Desire that makes my heart ache continuously until it is achieved:  I miss my Wife.  She is fulfilling a commitment she made before I obtained the island before she can come live here.  I have not allowed a visit from her here until I have completed the Mother-In-Law Cottage I am building just for her residence.  After over 30 years of marriage (very untypical for a Pirate) I know just how she wants to live and am making a custom place for her and her animals.  Many cats, and My Bird.  I miss my bird.  I have a Goffin's Cockatoo I've had for decades and would love to have him here but he loves my Wife so much he just isn't the same to have without her around.  Women have a 'glow' that is beneficial to plants and animals that I have not been able to emulate no matter how hard I try.  Were she with me now, I could live here forever.

If anyone reading these words have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.  Just ask.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 26, 2020, 02:50:56 AM
"Land Ho!"

Grandma loved a sailor, who sailed the frozen sea

Grandpa was that whaler and he took me on his knee

He said, "Son, I'm going crazy from livin' on the land

Got to find my shipmates and walk in foreign sands."

This old man was graceful with silver in his smile

He smoked a briar pipe and he walked four country miles

Singing songs of shady sisters in old town Liberty

Songs of love and songs of death and songs to set men free


I've got three ships and sixty men

A course for ports unread

I'll stand at mast, let north winds blow till half of us are dead

Land ho!

Well, if I get my hands on a dollar bill gonna buy a bottle and drink my fill

If I get my hands on a number five gonna skin that little girl alive

If I get my hands on a number two come back home and marry you

Marry you, marry you


Eh land ho!

Eh land ho!

Well if I get back home and I feel alright

You know babe I'm gonna love you right, love you right, love you right

Eh land ho!

Eh land ho!


- Jim Morrison -

Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 27, 2020, 03:45:40 AM
Many maxims of my childhood continue to ring true through the years of my adulthood.  When it rains, it pours. I am getting pings of Crew Grumblings through the Grapevine (everybody has one or two).  Flooding has prompted the query "Why did we work so hard hauling water?"

It's the Roll of the Dice.

There are a majority of Pirates in this forum that have an (in my opinion) unwarranted knee-jerk reaction to "Authority" (capitalized).  I call bullshit.

Ownership confers Authority.

Every ship needs a Captain.  Without it there is no 'direction'.

A Captain makes the decisions.

A Captain takes all the blame.

A Captain goes down with his ship.

Weeks into Monsoon Season not a drop has fallen from the sky.  The cistern is almost empty.  Bathing has been rationed and everyone is coated with salt from the sea.  Does a Captain gamble with the health of his Crew?  Of course not.  He puts to sea and retrieves whatever he needs to maintain a proper Ship and Crew so he hauls the water - which means work.  Having no pack animals, every gallon must be hand carried from the source to the ship (at eight pounds per gallon).  Hard-ass work.  I remind them that had we NOT gotten the water the time would have been spent excavating rock from the well, root cellar, and the for months now untouched road.  All I get is looks.

But that's ok, because I'm the Captain, and it goes with the territory.

I dare anyone who has a problem with "Authority" and thinks there shouldn't be any to tell me where they live.  You cannot act adversely to the Will of a Pirate in his Domicile without being righteously ejected (oftimes forcefully).  That is his authority plain and simple.  "A man is king in his castle".  Another maxim.

In truth, there are men on this planet who NEED a Captain.  They follow a Higher Authority and some who cannot live up to those standards feel secure following someone who does.  Being a Christian I do not follow Fortuna as many Captains do, and I do not allow Evil on my boat.  I despise Pirates with malice in their hearts that deal Cruel Death to innocents cavalierly.  My men are Pirates for one reason and one reason only, which we ALL have in common:

We refuse to bow to the whims of The Crown, or whomever wears it.

Guillermo and I, and the whole Crew for that matter, have sworn to take the heads of any and all Representatives of The Crown - Military or Civilian - who DARE trespass on this island without our express permission.

My men are all Good-hearted Christians who just want to be left alone to pursue Happiness.  It is the whims of others that makes us 'Pirates'.

Freedom is dangerous.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 28, 2020, 05:48:54 AM
An overhaul of the ship is The Order of the Day.

Not only function but form is being addressed as we will be ferrying paying passengers to and from a Festival, and the Crew is as excited as I am to take a few days of Rest & Relaxation in the form of Liberty.   "Freedom" is an overused and quite misunderstood term to Land-Lubbers as they equate it with liberty, but Sea-faring Men have a better grasp on the distinct difference.  

The Limitation of Freedom is Nature.  

The Limitation of Liberty is other Men (Society).

People are pretty much 'free' to come and go, and to do as they please - until they try to abrogate the forces of Nature and Gravity or a Tiger decides that they need a lesson.  That's Freedom.  Do as you please.  Most reading this have that now.

Liberty is another creature altogether.

Actions oftimes have consequences.  People are not "At Liberty" to rob, steal, maim, plunder, or kill.  Every man is FREE TO DO SO, but they do so at their own peril, for there are other men on this Earth who do not take kindly to being robbed or killed.  They rather frown on it, as I do.  Because there are Evil Men on this Earth, Laws have had to be declared to staunch the advance of plundering hordes, and have even banded together and given 'authority' to specific Enforcers dedicated to THE ERADICATION OF EVIL.  We all know that is a never-ending job, and God Bless those who dedicate their lives to PEACEKEEPING.

I am called to breakfast.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 29, 2020, 07:01:39 AM
Repairs to the ship and a good general cleaning should be finished by noon.  Temporary shelters for the Crew are being stowed on board as we will be camping in a forest for the Festival.  Art, music, and many handcrafts are the focus of the event and we expect to have a pleasant vacation.  Originally I was told the Festival would be for a week to ten days, but I am finding out that many participants end up staying a month!  I hadn't planned on dedicating the ship as a passenger ferry for that long but if there are paying customers, I am game to extend our stay.  I know the Crew would have no problem having their vacation lengthened.

I was also told that a lucrative sideline would be to stock a small 'convenience store' at the event.  A plethora of attendees (with silver & gold in their pockets) come unprepared and buy everything they need at the event.  We have a deep store of food and necessary materials and are going to make a special trip to deposit enough to feed an army.  Anything we sell (at a marked up profit) can be acquired before our return so we will not be at a loss at home from the endeavor.

Since we are contemplating an extended stay, we will be taking the Solar Array and the Battery Bank with us so we will have power.  I am told that electricity is another service that can be provided for a fee  8-) .  Even water is a barter item that far into the wilderness (the Festival is in a very secluded location that requires several hours of land travel to attain).  We never go ANYWHERE without an adequate supply of water because water is LIFE.

What little gold we have has been pooled and converted into silver.  The Jolly Roger Project is in full swing.  We will begin minting our Pirate Coinage when this event is over, and we hope to add greatly to our base with the profits from working this Festival.  The skull with crossed cutlasses is an outstanding look and we believe our currency will be sought out as being worth more than the base metal value, and I can't wait to use them!

I'm not sure why I slept in until almost 6am.  I am usually up before Sunrise.  I also woke up hungry (a rare event) and will be jumping into the galley as soon as I finish here.

Bright sunshine and clear skies are a good omen for great accomplishments today, and I had best get to it.

May you find peace today,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 30, 2020, 03:53:53 AM
Departure Day

I am very glad for the extra sleep I got yesterday as minor problems roll me out of my bunk at 2 am.  It's funny how two efficient men see the same task in different lights that create an inefficient tie that stops all work dead.

"Ask the Captain!"


Other than The Cook (whose depths of wisdom I yearn to achieve) I am the eldest aboard ship.  My 'wisdom'  that is so revered by the Crew makes me chuckle because some time in my 40's I realized that wisdom is nothing more than the accumulation of knowledge over time, a good recall of facts, and knowing when to keep one's mouth shut.

I always thank profusely anyone who awakens me because I never want anyone to fear it.  I have specific "Standing Orders" that are to never be abrogated except when to do so would result in someone's injury or death.  One of them involves safety.

The possibility of extending our stay means an increase in fuel usage.  Before we can begin picking up passengers it is critical that we take a rather large cache of gasoline,  propane, and other various flammable materials to the Festival grounds along with the solar array and battery bank.  The tents and other camping needs plus the personal rations all must be set up and readied for our return so we can concentrate on immediate sales of our goods on the opening Saturday.  This makes for a dangerous voyage and everyone will be on edge until it, and the gunpowder we ALWAYS carry are safely stowed ashore.

I don't know how often I will be able to post while we are engaged because of our apparent inability to communicate from the event.  I heard rumors that we may be able to pay a local to link our devices allowing contact with the Outside World.  If that happens, you will be the first to know.  If not I have decided to continue to journalize my experiences on paper and whenever possible will update this Ledger.

Yesterday at sunrise the crew was greeted by a giant eagle in a Red Sky - mixed omens.

"Red sky at morning - sailor take warning!"

Safety is The Order of the Day.

Pray for our success,

Eduardo Blomar 1679
Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on July 31, 2020, 06:26:33 AM
I am too old for twenty-eight hour days.

After arising at 2 am yesterday I see it is 6 am the next day before I sleep.

Mixed signals caused the loading of cargo that was not to be moved until after the first round of passengers are dropped off.  This resulted on the ship being to heavy and we were delayed in departure until the excess was removed.  The delay cascaded into each task to be done, and we are just now docked at the pickup Port.  It's a good thing we are not scheduled for departure until tomorrow as this gives the Crew (and myself) an entire day to rest.  I always pad my itinerary for just such a reason.

Progress was slow because of the heavy load and the dangerous cargo, but we managed to get everything prepared safely.

I apologize for such a short entry but I wanted to record the day.

We are ready.

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on August 01, 2020, 09:27:28 AM
As passengers trickle onboard a festive mood fills the air with laughter and musicians tuning up and practicing.  Crew duties are very light with only luggage to stow as everything has been painstakingly prepared for this moment.  Since I am still connected to the outside world, I take a brief moment to thank the Lord God Almighty for this opportunity to further our goals.

Clear skies and a light breeze portend a successful journey.

I am filled with hope,

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Title: Re: Daily Post from The Port Of New Barcelona
Post by: Eduardo Blomar 1679 on October 02, 2020, 11:38:24 AM
I, Eduardo Blomar, have returned.

Actually, I have returned many times since my August departure - but have been too busy to post here.

I gained many contacts, had both good and bad fortune during the Festival venture, and raised my coffers nicely.

I am still recovering from an injury to my right hand but other than that I am in good health and good spirits.

Being plugged in to the "Arts & Music Festival" communication line, I have taken further advantage of the 'vending' scene at four other events since the original - which I ended up staying at for a solid month.  Not only did we supply food & sundries to Festival Participants, we transported a few people with equal success.

Which gave me an idea.

After culling relationships with a few Band Members, I was able to get three different acts booked for a New Year's Eve Celebration here at The Port!  I have started clearing land and obtaining lumber to build a stage with a "Green Room" behind it.  We have plenty of room here and I already know where I want everything placed.

As you can see, my tales of happenings for the last two months will have to wait for another time as I have more to do than hands to accomplish it.

Anyone wanting an invitation please send me a Private Message as after 12,000 views here and I'm the only poster I don't see that changing right away...

I remain, as ever yours,

EB 1679