Solar needs!!

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Solar needs!!

Postby Doug » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:48 pm

Ok. I need to do a load sheet. Figure out my current power usage and then buy that much solar, great!

I just need $10,000 and I will be all set.

Time for a GoFundMe??


How about this...

Only start with a few or one panel and then base my needs off of what power I can make.

See what problems can be solved with little or no money.

See, money disrupts our problem solving capability.

We stop learning and rely on money. solve my problem and I will give you this imaginary thing, that everyone else accepts to solve their problems too.

Can't we just bypass money, if we restructure how we interpret information?

We have no problem shifting our debt around, why can't we just share information and we can work to solve our own problems.

We are here for, Freedom, right?

Well, there is work involved.

No permission asking. You know how to not be a dick.

We can share information and, pay it forward.

Such an odd phrase to have in our current economic paradigm.

Yet there it is. So why don't we use it?

We can build the internet. We already did.
We can build our roads. We already did.
We can build communities. We already do.

So why do we keep, passing the buck? Hehehe


Freedom is the effect. Are you the cause?

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